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Environmental crime often involves trade across borders
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Toxic Chemicals
A water pollution crime?
Illegal Logging

Action Guide

The EFFACE Environmental Crime Research and Action Guide  is an online interactive relational data base designed to support project partners and other interested parties seeking a deeper understanding of environmental crime: issues, institutions, initiatives and instruments. Our aim is to provide a categorised overview of environmental crime-related data to help increase co-operation among all stakeholders.

Action Guide topics include: 

  • Illegal/unreported fisheries 
  • Illegal waste shipment
  • Illegal pollution 
  • Illegal logging and trade in illegal timber
  • Illegal wildlife trade
  • Industrial spill accidents
  • Links with organized crime

The Action Guide forms an integral part of  EFFACE’s work on Interactive Policy Analysis. While also covering recent, ongoing and forthcoming research and action by the international community, the focus is on the role of the European Union, including descriptions and links to its policies, activities and official documents.

The database will increasingly provide opportunities for a wide range of actors – research institutes, international organisations, EU institutions, government agencies, NGOs, etc. – to contribute profiles of their organisations and details of their initiatives, publications, and relevant events. We will also examine the role of Earth Observation / Remote Sensing in understanding the impact of environmental crime as well as a tool in environmental law enforcement.

The first version of the Action Guide is now available online: