Illegal waste dumping - an environmental crime?
Environmental crime often involves trade across borders
Industrial waste
Toxic Chemicals
A water pollution crime?
Illegal Logging

Ecologic Institute (coordinator)

Ecologic Institute for International and European Environmental Policy is a private not for-profit think tank for applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultancy with offices in Berlin and Brussels. Founded in 1995, Ecologic is dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to environmental policies and to promoting sustainable development. Ecologic Institute's work programme focuses on obtaining practical results and on enhancing the importance of environmental protection and sustainable resource management in the fields of foreign and security policy, international relations and global governance structures. As an independent, non-partisan body, it undertakes applied research and analysis to increase awareness and understanding of the political, economic and technological forces driving global change.

Christoph Stefes, Senior Fellow

Associate Professor Christoph H. Stefes, PhD is a Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute. His areas of expertise include the politics of renewable energy development in the United States and Germany as well as transatlantic relations concerning climate and environmental politics. Furthermore, he specialises in political and economic developments in the former Soviet Union, the European Neighborhood Policy, energy and environmental politics in the Caspian region and the connection between climate change and international security. Christoph H. Stefes is fluent in German and English, has working knowledge of Dutch and has basic knowledge of French, Russian, and Georgian.

Lucas Porsch, Senior Fellow

Lucas Porsch is a Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute. As an economist, his work focuses on impact assessments, policy evaluations, and welfare indicators. His main interest is the development of robust indicators of sustainability and the evaluation of the cost efficiency of environmental policy instruments. A native German speaker, Lucas Porsch is also fluent in English and has a working knowledge of French. Lucas Porsch leads Ecologic Institute's cost-benefit analysis and impact assessment work.

Christiane Gerstetter, Senior Fellow

Christiane Gerstetter is a lawyer and works as a Senior Fellow in the Ecologic Institute's legal team. Her main research interests are development, climate change, and international trade policy, as well as the linkages between these areas. Christiane Gerstetter is the coordinator of the EFFACE project.