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Institute for Environmental Security

The Institute for Environmental Security (IES) is an international non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2002 in The Hague, with representatives in Brussels, London, Vienna, Beirut, California, New York, Toronto and Washington DC. This knowledge and action network was set up to increase political attention to environmental security as a means to help prevent conflict, instability and unrest. Activities are designed to provide policy-makers with a methodology to tackle environmental security risks in time. The Institute's mission is to advance global environmental security by promoting the maintenance of the regenerative capacity of life-supporting eco-systems. Its multidisciplinary approach integrates the fields of science, diplomacy, law, finance and education. IES has considerable experience in creating innovative policy dialogues involving scientists, legal experts and policy-makers.

Wouter J. Veening, Chairman / President

Wouter J. Veening is co-founder and Chairman / President of the Institute for Environmental. His work focuses on the policy and legal responses to security risks emanating from environmental degradation in key regions of the world, amongst them preventing and/or halting deforestation in Amazonia and South-East Asia. ...

Ronald A. Kingham, Director / Brussels Liaison

Ron Kingham is co-founder and Director / Brussels Liaison of IES. He has been the manager of several IES programmes related to Climate Change, law, environment, development and security, has edited / co-authored several related reports on EU external policies and developed the IES EnviroSecuirty Action Guide relational database. Ron is involved in several aspects of the EFFACE project, with a particular focus on the Interactive Policy Analysis.

Shirleen Chin, Legal Projects

Shirleen Chin is educated in international and European law, international business and mass communications. She has experiences in EU trade policy-making, legal research and organisational work. Her legal background was a precursor to her involvement in the EFFACE project.

Matt Luna, Communication Officer

Matt Luna has a background in journalism and in communication for NGOs and corporations. His primary focus at IES is to facilitate stakeholder interaction and dissemination of information on projects like EFFACE. Matt is editor of the EFFACE newsletter, creator of the EFFACE Forum on LinkedIn, and is responsible for content of other print and online communication platforms. He is also involved in the production of the EFFACE policy briefs.