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Sapienza - University of Rome

“Sapienza” University of Rome, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is the oldest University in Rome and the largest in Europe. Since its founding  over 700 years ago, “Sapienza” has played an important role in Italian history and has been directly involved in key changes and developments in society, economics and politics. It has contributed to the development of Italian and European science and culture in all areas of knowledge. The future of “Sapienza” starts today thanks to its rich past and the contribution of the entire University community, whose main objectives are research, teaching and education. “Sapienza” offers a vast array of degree programmes and PhD courses in many disciplines, run by 63 Departments and 11 Faculties. It is in every regard a research and teaching university: “Sapienza” carries out outstanding scientific research in most disciplines, achieving impressive results both on a national and international level.

Anna Rita Germani

Anna Rita Germani (PhD, MSc) is Assistant Professor in Economics in the Department of Law, Philosophy and Economic Studies (Faculty of Law) at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome.  She teaches various economics disciplines, among which Environmental Economics and International Economics. Her research interests focus mainly on environmental law and economics issues, such as public enforcement of environmental laws and judicial and prosecutorial discretion in prosecuting environmental crimes.