Illegal waste dumping - an environmental crime?
Environmental crime often involves trade across borders
Industrial waste
Toxic Chemicals
A water pollution crime?
Illegal Logging

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 16: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the EU's approach for tackling environemntal crime

This brief describes the strengths and weaknesses of the EU's approach in tackling environmental crime identified in a SWOT analysis and provides a baseline from which policy opportunities to improve environmental crime enforcement are developed at EU, Member State and international levels.

Policy Brief 2: Organised Environmental Crime

EFFACE Policy Brief 2, Organised Environmental Crime: The need for combating environmental crime as a serious and organised category of offense, calls for greater EU priority in combating environmental crime. Such crimes can be difficult to identify in overall crime statistics and in their impacts on victims, but the results of this type of illegal activity have consequences for economies, human health, biodiversity and good governance.

Policy Brief 1: Addressing environmental crime through the criminal justice system

The first EFFACE Policy Brief, Limitations and challenges of the criminal justice system in addressing environmental crime, examines how environmental crime is a growing challenge for the EU and the criminal justice systems of its Member States. Case examples including illegal waste dumping provide a look at how an improved judicial understanding of the impact and severity of environmental crimes across the EU is needed to fight environmental crimes more effectively.